What You Should Know About Creating a Web Presence?

There are many factors to consider when creating a website. Web design is one of the most important factors, as there is no point in getting numerous visitors to come to the site if the site looks amateurish and/or has broken links. Good hosting also plays an important role in website set up and creation, as it will determine how fast the site uploads, how easy it is to view various site pages and whether or not the site has a reliable uptime.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service

There are numerous web hosting services available to choose from and many of these offer free website domain name addresses. However, these URLs end in the company’s name and as such are less than professional. It is best for you to buy your own unique domain name that simply ends in .com, .org or .net.

You can either host a domain from your home computer or pay for a domain hosting service. The cost of a hosted domain depends on which company you work with and how much space you need, but professional hosting services usually charge no more than $15 a month for website hosting and many charge much less than this figure, especially if you buy hosting for over a year. It is usually best to work with a reputable, professional hosting service.

Owned Server vs. Cloud Server

The server is the computer where the website data is stored. Most web hosts offer a cloud server to their clients. This server is shared with numerous other websites and has plenty of space so that all websites will load quickly and easily.

A cloud server will meet the needs of most any company that is not the size of Amazon.com or some other large, international website. However, if a website is targeting a country that has internet censorship (such as China) then it may be best to use an owned, exclusive server, as a site can end up censored due to content on other websites that are on the same server.

Traditional Sites vs. Mobile Sites – Why Both are Important

A traditional website is a website that can be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. Some web hosts provide automatic site formatting so that those who see a regular site via a mobile device can still view it properly, even thought the mobile phone screen is smaller than a traditional computer screen; however, it is best to h

There are over 70 million individuals in the United States alone who use a mobile phone to browse and/or shop online and this number is growing all the time. Most of these individuals are much more likely to use a mobile phone website instead of a regular one.

At the same time, the importance of a traditional website cannot be underestimated. Hundreds of millions of people still use a traditional computer to browse the web and so having a regular site with a compatible website design is a must.

Social Media Platforms

Besides setting up both a regular and mobile phone website, it is important to have a company blog as well as a presence on important social media networking sites. This does not necessarily mean that you need to open an account on every single social media site; in fact, it is better to have a few accounts that you update and keep up with regularly than it is to open numerous accounts that are never or rarely updated.

Facebook and Twitter are two primary social media platforms that any company will want to use. If you are a self employed business professional such as a certified public accountant or real estate agent, then you will probably want to open a LinkedIn account as well. Local businesses that only want to target a particular city or state should consider using Foursquare, as this site is ideal for local marketing and SEO.

When you look into web design pricing, be sure that it includes the creation of both a regular and mobile phone site and ask whether the company can do social media site creation, recommend a good hosting service or set up a self hosted site. Web design firms are versatile and should be able to help you create a good looking, fully functional internet presence that will attract customers and potential business partners for years to come.

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