Top 10 Web Design Blogs

Fantastic web design and development captures traffic. It leaves them stunned by the brilliance of the design and the layout of useful information as web page visitors will continue to visit that web page as loyal readers. Web developers and designers have been sharing their secrets, giving the latest industry news and providing tutorials to others so that the industry of web design can flourish and grow.

Below you will find the top 10 blogs that are top resources in web design. Go and browse your favorites to get the best information.

1: Smashing Magazine

One of the best things about Smashing Magazine is that it has a bit of something for everyone. Designers, marketers, and developers can find a slew of information and tutorials on everything from how to improve your WordPress theme to selling UX design to clients.

2: Pearsonified

Pearsonified is a blog created by Chris Pearson, the creator of the WordPress theme design, “Thesis.” His blog is chock full of thought-provoking articles and information about web design and SEO practices.

3: TechCrunch

If you never heard of TechCrunch, then you are definitely in the wrong business. Find out all the latest industry news and resources concerning web design and development.

4: CSS Beauty

CSS websites can be beautiful and have great information. CSS Beauty gives valuable resources and news to developers focused on CSS design.

5: Six Revisions

Six Revisions is a little known resource which should have a lot more viewers. Web designers and developers will love all the freebies and tutorials offered at this site that gives you a lot of useful information.

6: Design View

When you want a no-frills approach to web design information, look no further than Design View. Created by Andy Rutledge who is the chief design strategist at Unit Interactive, he gives you the straight talk you need about web content and design.

7: Simple Bits

Sometimes the best web design doesn’t involve flashy graphics or interactive media. Sometimes it merely involves convening the right media content to the right readers. This is what Simple Bits tries to do as it gives great information that web designers can use.

8: A List Apart

Sometimes the best way to explain web design is to talk about its meaning and function for web content. This is what the blog, A List Apart, does as it gives the latest information on web design best practices and standards.

9: WebMonkey

When you want information on platforms, apps, API, web development, web design and more, WebMonkey has the articles you want. Check it out to get the latest information and news.

10: Web DesignDev

Web Design Dev is a journal-type blog that talks about everything there is to talk about when it comes to the web industry. You’ll find a little bit of something whether you are a beginner at web design or an expert of web development.

Visit These Great Web Design Blogs

If you have already visited a few of these websites, that is great. If you haven’t, you are missing out on a lot of free resources and information that you can use in your web design and development.

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