Essential Features your Business Website Needs to Stand Out

Everyone needs a website these days if they want to compete for business in today’s market. However, with more and more companies acquiring one, you need a site that sets you aside from the rest, stands out and is memorable, easy to use, and provides the customer with high quality service. Here are what we consider must have features for any website in 2013.

Good Navigation

Before adding any fancy features onto your website, you need to make sure that it is easy for visitors to look around, read and use effectively. If they cannot find what they are looking for quickly, can’t see the text clearly because it is too small or the cooler or font is unreadable or become confused about which section of the website does what, they won’t stay around for long considering your competition is a click away.

Work with your web designer and developer to make sure it is as easy to use as possible and if you are building it yourself using a free website template such as WordPress, check out your successful competitors and identify what makes their website so effective and successful and mirror and develop these traits. It is also worth considering sites such as You can invest in getting real people to test your site and they will give you feedback about how it could be improved, what works well on your site and what doesn’t. It provides great feedback from a variety of people which can highlight some great points and they might spot some errors like typos or broken links.

Voucher Codes

Including voucher codes on your website is a great way to entice customers to make a commitment and to buy your product and service if you provide a sense of urgency.

If your site simply advertises a product which they need to then contact you to discuss and then buy, offer a code they can quote when they finally make payment, whether in person or on the phone. Consumers love deals and this could sway them from being on the fence to getting out their credit card.

Make the most of special occasions such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, or bank holiday’s (if applicable to your product) to offer special deals to gain extra sales off the back of voucher code deals.

360 Degree Photography

This is a great feature and relevant to most products. It provides the customer piece of mind that they know exactly what they are buying and allows you to advertise something which may be difficult to explain with maximum impact using a text description and flat image.

It can also indicate the scale of your product and it generally shows your product off from every angle which gives the customer the best possible way to see your product without being able to see the real thing in their hand. This type of photography is also perfect if you are selling small, detailed products which are hard to show in a 2D, one angle format. There are several software packages on the internet which help you produce this type of feature and most are very reasonable in price and simple to use.

Good Photography

If you feel you will not benefit greatly from 360 degree photography then do take a look at the images you plan to put on your website. Good photography is a must these days, especially if you own an e-commerce site selling products on the back of their image alone. Customers presented with pixelated images without a zoom option aren’t exactly going to be impressed and consider a purchase.

Also consider posting several images of each product as one angle is not enough these days. If you sell fashion accessories include model shots, if you sell home accessories, photograph your products in a home setting so customers can get an idea of size and how it might look in their home etc.
Don’t rely on stock images. They often look cheesy and false to customers. Try to capture the essence of your brand and show off what you do and what you are about through genuine imagery.

Reviews and Testimonials

Include reviews and testimonials of past customers so potential customers can assess what others think about your product or services. You can always design you website in a way that you can review feedback before it goes live on your website so you can catch any spiteful or negative comments from being posted on your website. If you do receive negative comments, approach the customer to see if you can resolve their issues and it could lead to their negative review turning into a positive review due to your high level of customer service.

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Kirsten works for top voucher code site Vouchercloud. They have recently launched their American website. They are all too aware of the importance of developing a website which attracts return custom.

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