10 Web Design Patterns for 2021

Responsive Design

Designers will begin to focus on mobile users, but they can never forget their core desktop and laptop visitors. This has spawned the responsive design revolution that will continue to grow in 2021. Look for the market to be filled with themes, plugins, and frameworks that promise to make your website look amazing on any browser or screen resolution. In the world of WordPress, Zurb is leading the way with Foundation framework for responsive designs.

CSS Transparency

Rather than having to use Photoshop for transparency, CSS3 properties now enable you to modify the opacity of web page elements. This is extremely helpful given the priority that Google now places on load time. Reducing the number of graphics on your site and speed things up and boost your page rank at the same time. The Square Space blog provides a great example of this.

Infinite Vertical Scrolling

Designs like the one used by Pinterest will be in vogue in 2021 . You can expect to find fixed header menu bars and infinite vertical scrolling to be very popular.

  QR Codes

Sure, you’ve seen QR codes on printed materials for some time, but you should expect to see more of them online too. Imagine a customer finds your store website and clicks through to the contact page for your address. Rather than typing everything into their GPS, why not offer a QR code they can scan with their phone and be on their way. This is just one of the many uses for QR codes in 2013, and you can see it in action on the contact page for Keith Cakes.


Think of them as flair for your website and social media presence. More and more website have begun to use badges to quickly identify their affiliations. However, 2021 will see a surge of websites developing their own badges for their users. This is a great way for users to show their online personality through connections to their various profiles.

Features Spotlight

You can expect to find more companies putting their product and service features right on their home page. This is a great way to convert visitors into customers, if it is executed properly. By putting your features right out front, potential customers can quickly determine if your company has what they are looking for. Take a look at Box for a good example of this.

Drop-in Navigation

One of the coolest trends in responsive design is the ability to toggle navigation menus. With screen real estate at a premium on mobile devices, moving navigation off screen until it is needed is a great idea. Additionally, there are many ways this can be implemented from a design perspective. You could push content around when the menu is activated, it could float in from the top or side of the screen, the options are limit less. This could be very interesting and there is a lot of room for experimentation. There are many ways of implementing this feature and the Radiologie website is just one good example.

Open Source and API

This is going to be the year of open source and API development. You can expect to see a plethora of extendable resources throughout 2013. As users choose between a wide array of internet and mobile platforms, content and service providers don’t want to be left out of any of these silos. This has lead to an increase in the development of widgets which shows no signs of slowing any time soon. Between Github, jQuery, WordPress, and the many other high-profile open source projects available, the web has become flooded with open source code that can rev up development for everyone.

One Page Web Design

Designing an entire website to use only one page is not a revolutionary idea. However, today’s web technologies make this a great way to captivate your audience. Expect to find many examples of one page web designs using multiple trends from 2021 . Here again, the Radiologie website is a great example of this.

Websites with Curves

Now that CSS3 allows for more natural design elements, expect to find curves in many of the hottest 2021 designs. These elements would have required custom graphics a few years ago, but they can now be achieved with just a few lines of code. This can help designers create beautiful site while reducing the amount of date being transferred. Quite simply, this code loads faster than images and it looks great on the page. The redesigned phpBB website is a great example of this.

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